China Bound

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I didn’t get the job.

Not for lack of trying, obviously. I mean, I did my best in that interview. I wanted to make an impression, and while I’m sure I did make an impression, the results were fairly lackluster.

I received an email from someone at corporate thanking me for my time. They appreciated my being willing to come down for an interview but were unable to hire me because I didn’t have the appropriate combination of education and experience.

And that’s it.

So now I’m going to China for real. None of this messing around with Amazon interviews stuff. I’m going to China where I’ll be teaching Chinese students the wonders of speaking the English language.

Now I know I mentioned this in a previous blog, but I attended the University of Tennessee, which happens to have one of the most recognizable school fight songs of any public university. That’s not to say others aren’t, but ours is, quite frankly, very well-known. And if you don’t know “Rocky Top,” that’s okay. Just ask me about it. I know all the verses, which every self-respecting Tennessean should know. (Unfortunately the numbers are dwindling and roughly 10% of the population can actually sing the first verse. After that, you’re on your own.)

So I’ve been discussing the move with my parents, making plans, submitting applications for getting the correct paperwork to submit my passport for a Visa, you know, the typical going overseas job stuff. It’s a lot of busy work that would really be much easier if I managed to have an actual date of arrival (or departure) that I could be purchasing plane tickets for. I’d rather purchase them now when I know rates are going to be lower than wait until closer to time and have to pay the exorbitant fees.

My father, ever the joker and the source of all my sarcastic humor, mentioned something I might want to teach my students.

He now expects me to send him a recording of my students singing, “Wocky Top, you’re arways be, home sweet home to meee…”

You can imagine where that’s going.

I know it’s wrong to stereotype, but in all honesty, we only do it jokingly. And personally I think it’s a hilarious joke. It always cracks us up when Dad affects an Asian accent and begins to sing or speak. He’s just good at that sort of thing.

I guess the whole point of this blog is to inform you all that I’m not really worried that Amazon gave me the brush off. It’s going to be okay after all. I’m still planning to go to China, and I’m going to make it on my own somehow.

I’m looking forward to the adventure.



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Well, Good Luck Rae. I’ve only heard good things about doing ESL abroad.

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