Wednesday Edits – On Stalling

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I’m running out of steam. It’s been a difficult month, and for everyone whose blogs I’m falling behind on reading and commenting on, I have to apologize. It’s been a bit frustrating to post on a regular basis, but I really love doing it.

With that said, let’s jump right into today’s topic.

Today’s topic is all about stalling.

By stalling, you should gather that I mean I’m slowing down on editing, to the degree that I haven’t done anything since last week. The reason for that? Busyness.

So I have to ask myself: do I really want to edit this novel I’ve written? And is it worth all the effort when I’m busy with my housework and submitting resumes and whatnot?

The answer to both those questions is a loud and clear yes. And why is that? Well, I think it’s mostly due to my dad.

Yesterday we went to a cheap bookstore that moved into an old Linens-n-Things shop. I don’t even know how long this Book Gallery is going to be there, but all the books are between 50 and 70 percent off their regular prices. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering.

My dad and I went off on our own, looking at different books. But the one amazing thing about my father is his capacity for supporting my dreams. Where other members of my family have told me I can’t do things that I want to, my father has always encouraged me to go after what I want.

He got my attention and drew me to the back wall of the massive bookstore. On a few tables back there, he found a section of writing handbooks. Now Dad doesn’t necessarily know what I’m looking for in terms of writing books, but he did recognize at least one book on my list. What was it? The 2010 Writer’s Market.

Originally $30 at Borders, he found the book hiding in the back corner of the Book Gallery for $11.

Why do I tell you all this and what does it have to do with editing? I’ve been tired, frustrated, and haven’t wanted to edit in a few weeks. But I learned something about myself last night. Having someone who supports me looking out for my interests is enough to make me want to find time to edit.

The fantastic thing about NaNoWriMo is the sense of community you get while writing madly towards that 50,000 word goal. When November’s over and your manuscript is sitting on the hard drive gathering electronic dust, it’s difficult to muster the enthusiasm to edit. It’s not to say I don’t enjoy the editing; I actually do, but it’s hard to motivate myself to edit something that I waver on believing in sometimes.

But my dad believes in me. And right now, that’s enough for me. My stalling is over, and I have a manuscript to edit. In fact, I should be editing now. So I’m going to get back on that and keep going till I’ve finished my first edit. I think that’ll be motivation enough to complete the second edit.

What about you? Have you found yourself stalling in edits? How do you break through the edit blocks? Let me know!



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3 Responses to “Wednesday Edits – On Stalling”

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Fathers seem to have a natural spring board attached to them (at least some of them anyway), whenever you fall over you just bounce right back up. You’ll never hit the ground.

My Dad is the same way.

As for stalling, that’s the thing about writing and editing. There are days when everything’s going well, and you’re excited about the possibilities, you’ve written a good paragraph–witty and perceptive.

And then there are days when you’d rather sleep in than do another read through of 70-odd pages of first draft work.

The only solution is like you said, “To do it.” When I wrote my first book I was always waiting for the perfect moment to write, when I had some inspiration. I’d tap a little on the keyboard and then leave the story for a few weeks.

It wasn’t until around the third chapter when I finally said to myself, “I’m going to finish this.” and I dedicated time to do the work, even when I was blocked. Ugh, those days are rough!

I try to write either really early in morning around 6am when I have absolutely no other obligations. And when I start working I’ll be writing late evenings. But the point is I’ll make the time to write.

I don’t see any other way to do it. *shrug*

It’s tough, boring, and takes a painstaking attention to detail, but I know you’re capable Rae, despite any challenges you may be wrestling with.


I use the AutoCrit Editing Wizard to keep me going. It structures things so nicely that it’s easy to sit down and say..’I’ll just do ten minutes and then I can stop’…and for sure I’ll do more than that.

Hope this help!
(And your Dad sounds like a great guy, lucky you!)

Hi there! Thanks for the comment! And that’s something I haven’t heard of: AutoCrit Editing Wizard? What’s it do? I might have to look into it.

And thanks – my dad is a great guy. I love him a lot. 😀

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