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I’m feeling rather sentimental today. It’s been such a long day, really. My mom’s surgery went very well, and I really appreciate everyone’s comments! It was such an encouragement to me.

So I thought today’s theme would be childhood. It only seems fitting after feeling very young as I saw my mother lying in the hospital bed and after reading the Alice tales. It’s always a good idea to remember those things that brought us joy in childhood, don’t you think? For some reason, as children, we’re pleased by the simplest things.

The same is true for books.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Today’s favorites will be a run down of some of my favorite childhood books.

We’ll begin with one of my all time favorites.

The Monkey and the Crocodile was one of the most adorable stories I read as a kid. Unlike the fable of the same title, this particular book was much longer, had it’s own morals to teach, and featured two fabulous main characters.

The story begins with the king of the jungle, a goodhearted lion, gathering all his kingdom together to pay their taxes. From the greatest to the least, they gathered where he lounged with his lionesses to pay their dues. It’s there that we meet the monkey, a sweet, curious, sneaky, cute little thing who brings two coins and manages to drop one between the king’s toes.

“Oopsie, your Majesty, I woopsied on your tootsie,” cries the monkey in a high-pitched voice. It was always one of my favorite lines. The monkey is a rather loud and talkative sort, you know.

We also meet the crocodile, a nasty sort who sneers at everyone. “Naddle-addle-addle-argh,” he grumbles to anyone who will listen as he tells the king he hasn’t got the money to pay his taxes. The king, a generous sort, offers him time to get the money together.

Being a cunning sort of creature, the crocodile goes directly to the monkey, who happens to owe him money. He demands the monkey pay immediately, which, of course, the monkey cannot due to having just paid his own taxes. After a dangerous ride on the creepy crocodile’s back, the monkey determines the best course of action would be to trick the cruel croc.

It’s really a delightful story, and as the monkey sings at the end of the day (when the crocodile has been rightfully put in prison), the moral to the story is simple: “Forgive and forget, forget and forgive, it’s the best way to love, it’s the best way to live.”

Aside from that story, I also fell in love with Adventures in the Big Thicket by Ken Gire, a book about a group of animals in the big thicket of Texas. It featured some awesome characters, including Hamhock the wild cat and The Bean, a small field mouse of great wisdom.

The book was divided into different stories featuring the various characters, and each story had a Proverb at the end to illustrate the moral. It’s a Christian book, but you can easily lose track of that by the adventures the animals get into.

I remember using this particular book as a speech in high school. We were required to memorize a short story or speech to recite in class. I’m not sure what that taught us about public speaking to be honest as I’ve been memorizing lines to plays and whatnot for years, but either way, I chose one of the tales out of Big Thicket. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway, I’m pretty zonked. I got almost no sleep last night, so while this has been a rather unsatisfying post, I did try.

What enduring children’s tales make your favorites lists?



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2 Responses to “A Few Of My Favorite Things Kiddie Style”

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I remember reading ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ over and over again. I didn’t own the book as a child, just borrowed it over and over from the library. My favorite poem was “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the Garbage Out!”

I’m glad you have such good memories of your childhood, and that your mom got through her surgery okay. 🙂

Glad your mom’s surgery went well.

I think my childhood favorite would have to be Green Eggs and Ham. Gotta love Dr. Seuss!

Oh, and any classic fairy tales.

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