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…because this will be short.

I’ve been incredibly busy the past few days readying the house for a visit from my grandparents. My mom’s parents live in Indiana and are going to be staying with us tonight and going back home on Wednesday.

Why are they here?

My mom’s having surgery early tomorrow morning. She has to get her vertebra fused because of severe, chronic neck pain that has been rather debilitating, especially during working hours when she has to perform ultrasounds and other things. That said the doctors finally decided it would be good to perform surgery and get things cleared away before she gets any worse.

I haven’t the slightest clue exactly what the surgery’s going to be like, but she watched the basic procedure on Youtube. (They say you can find anything there; I think they’re right.) It’s a 3.5 hour procedure, kind of dangerous, and doesn’t sound a bit like fun to me.

The surgeon goes in through her neck, of all places, and actually takes part of her vertebra out. I don’t know about you, but I’d be saying, “Put me on some serious pain meds! I’ll take the pain over the surgery!” Mom, of course, watched the surgery and, being a nurse, said, “Whoa, cool!”

I have to wonder about her sometimes…

In any event, I’m hanging out with the family right now and have been trying to clean house, make preparations for telling everyone she works with and all her friends how the surgery proceeds, figuring out when to be at the hospital, and so on. It’s just a bit stressful, and in all honesty, I’m a wee bit concerned for how the surgery will go. I’d like to fall asleep and not wake up till it’s over and Mom’s better again.

She’ll be in a neck brace for six weeks, on leave from work and unable to lift anything heavier than 5 pounds for four weeks, and not allowed to drive for two weeks. Guess who’s going to be taking on the care of Mom and house?

Yep – that would be me.

I’ll still be posting blogs, and we’ll get back to your regularly scheduled posts tomorrow (to distract me from the obvious). I’d appreciate any good will towards her surgery and prayers always help, too. 😀

What’s going on in your worlds? I don’t ask that a whole lot, but I’m curious. Any pressing issues that you want to vent about? Let me know!



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3 Responses to “Just a Note…”

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Good luck with your mom and her surgery!

My life isn’t particularly interesting. Tomorrow I’m giving my son the day off from school, and now that my son wants me to start posting his writing I’m dedicating Mondays on my blog to his work. Thinking of calling it ‘Minimeder Mondays.’ Aren’t you excited? 🙂

Again… Good luck and All the best wishes for your family.

Surgery is a nerve wrecking thing.

I’ve never had it for anything, not even my tonsils! But I trust the surgeons will do the best they can to make your mother feel comfortable.

You are resilient. I know that you’ll be the best person to help and support her.

Don’t worry. It will be okay.

I wish you two luck.


I’m guessing the procedure is already done as it’s 1:25 (though probably 12:35 in your timezone. Are you in Central Time?). Hope everything went well.

I like that her reaction was, “Whoa, cool!” Surgery is a cool, scary, delicate thing. Though recovery is never fun.

You and your mom will do just fine, I’m sure, but I’ll say a prayer for you and your family.

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