On Buttons, Badges, Or Whatever You Call Them

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So I’ve been looking at all the beautiful buttons, badges, and other fun, linkable things on people’s blogs as I browse. Of course, there are a ton of various blogging groups you can join that will encourage you to put up a custom button from their website to link back to their page.

I’ll admit to a bit of jealousy. I want a badge for my own blog. And I don’t want one that’s necessarily to just plug my blog but to plug some sort of effort I’m doing that others could join in on. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of button-making experience, and my creativity to that end is nil.

I asked a friend how to make buttons, and his response was that I should open a picture or other JPEG in Photoshop, add in whatever modifications (i.e. text) I want, resize to appropriate sizes, link and upload. Well, I have a few problems with that:

1. I have no idea how all the websites I’ve seen format their own buttons and badges. I have no HTML skills whatsoever and know next to nothing about link-backs and whatnot.

2. I can’t for the life of me understand how many pixels it takes to fill up a certain small amount of space (for example: my sidebars).

3. I’m just plain uncreative.

So I did the next best thing. I took a photo I did for a photography class in college, made a duplicate, and opened it up to be edited. I don’t have Photoshop, but I do have a Mac with a few programs that are somewhat useful for the Photoshop-deprived.

With one program, I changed the photo to a funky black and white version that I really find fun and interesting. I also resized it and re-saved it. Then I opened it in another Mac program, Preview, and resized it yet again and put in text. A little tinkering, a little saving, a little renaming, and PRESTO! Instant badge!

I still have no idea how to actually get it working, but for the record: I worked hard on this little guy. So, now, for your viewing pleasure: my Wednesday Edits badge.

He’s a little too big and unwieldy as he is now, so I may go back and resize him again to get him down to a manageable level, but I think he’s cute.

So once I have it more manageable, I’ll put up another post with my pretty badge. For the record, this one is strictly for my Wednesday Edits sessions, and if I get ambitious enough, I’ll actually write out a description of the post and offer up the badge for use by other ambitious self-editing authors.

What do you think? Good or bad or indifferent? It was fun to play around with my limited resources and see what I could come up with.

Oh, and by the way, this isn’t my Thursday post. It’s just an aside from the normal! So enjoy the extra post or ignore it as you will! I’ll return later with more fun and randomness for your reading pleasure.


P.S. My badge is currently linked back to the original place I’ve hosted it: my deviantART page. Feel free to click on the link and take a look at my page if you’re interested, and if not, that’s fine, too!


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5 Responses to “On Buttons, Badges, Or Whatever You Call Them”

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I like it!

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make – now I have to decide what to do with it!


I don’t have photoshop either, too cheap. Plus my comp isn’t powerful enough to run CS4.Did I also mention I’m too cheap?

Anyway, I’d use windows paint to resize a badge. I realize you have Mac, but I’m sure they have something similar. Once you’ve sized it save it as a JPEG and then add affix your desired link to it.

I hope that makes sense. This is a good idea. I didn’t know if I should make one of my own. I agree with you though, I don’t want to have badges on my page that are mainly there to self promote.

That’s why the only one I have is the Lady Bloggers badge.

“Add affix your desired link to it”? Sorry – that confused me a bit.

Yeah, I’m too cheap to get Photoshop, but my dad has it on his computer. Unfortunately I have no clue how to use it, and I don’t really want to learn – especially if it’s only to play with his toy. (To be fair, he’d probably make some Photoshop enthusiasts angry because he only uses it to store his photos! No manipulation for dad. 😛 )

I’m tempted to join Lady Bloggers. I saw your badge and checked out the site. Do you like it?

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