Busyness + Friends = Inspiration

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I could write a whole host of stories about friends.

In fact, after today, I could write a ton of flash fiction pieces about what happens after high school. In May, I’ll have been a high school grad for five years. It’s a little crazy to consider.

Today I had breakfast with Desteni and experimented once again with my baked French toast recipes. It was an enjoyable time, and I found out that I had an email incoming from a friend who hasn’t been around for half a year. It was a pleasant surprise, and when I checked it, lo and behold, said friend had emailed me.

I could write a whole series of stories on this person. The relationship I have with him has changed so drastically during the course of our friendship, and we’ve been friends five years this year.

Then I went to lunch later with another friend, who is an adorable lady. She’s engaged to be married in June, and of course, I’m one of her bridesmaids. So despite being busy working in customer service, she has been trying to keep up with the rest of her bridesmaids and what’s going on in their lives. It’s really quite sweet, and once again, I have inspiration for more fiction. (Can you see a whole series in the 27 Dresses theme focusing on the bridesmaid who unerringly gets chosen to be in weddings by brides who believe their bridesmaids will be able to wear their dresses over and over again? I certainly can!)

In addition, my friend and I discussed how things had changed since high school. There was a lot of gossip exchanged, which can sometimes be likened to creative fiction in my opinion. I learned that the wholesome cheerleader has since told her almost-fiance that she doesn’t want to get married yet but will move in with him. It’s not a big deal in the blogosphere, but coming from small-town, conservative high school, it’s big news.

And then there’s the girl more commonly known for her adventures with those of the male persuasion. She was quite happy to date most of the guys on the football team–or so we were told. And now? She’s turned around, going to church, gotten married, and has a baby.

Yep, I’m sensing another fiction series. So what’s the theme for today? Well, there really is none. I’d considered writing and posting a flash fiction piece, but I’m too tired. It’s been a long day, and I haven’t even begun cooking dinner.

But the nice thing about being busy? There are all sorts of inspirations if you just look for them. And now I have a list of things I can write about when I’m lacking in inspiration for my other stories. It’s exciting.

What have you done lately that’s inspired you? Anything really surprising that inspired you? Or perhaps something mundane? Let me know!



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2 Responses to “Busyness + Friends = Inspiration”

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Lately, nothing in particular, honestly. Just mundane stuff, little things strike and chord here and there and voila. I’ve been doing some freewriting. I freewrote while I was watching my little boy play in the snow, and I think I have a snowman story idea (or at least a poem). Another freewriting exercise gave me an idea for a poem-parody of a certain famous Doctor that time travels…can you guess ‘Who?’ πŸ˜€

As far as friends inspiring me, mostly I’m around my little boy and hubby. I have no social life to speak of outside of my family. My friends are usually in the same situation, so I don’t hang out with other people that much to find them a source of inspiration.

Also, books, tv shows, etc. Not that I copy them, but something in them might stick in my head and sprout into something new (how’s that for a metaphor?). πŸ˜€

Don’t worry about having people for inspiration ganymeder. At least for me, my inspiration can be Saturday morning cartoons, something I daydreamed, or an interesting angle parodying something that’s already been written.

As for Rae’s post. It sounds like you got a lot juggling in your head there Rae, heh! Could you possibly be the next Nora Roberts? πŸ™‚

Next thing I’ll be hearing is that you’ve up and joined the RWA.


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