Ending the Challenge – Reflections

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This is a more personal post, so be warned up front that I’m not going to be writing about writing, per se. But it will give a little insight into what’s coming up and what I’m doing, so if you’re interested, keep reading.

I originally started blogging once a day as my personal goal to start teaching myself more self-discipline. I’ll admit that blogging at random hours hasn’t exactly done me much good in terms of teaching me to keep a schedule, but so far I’ve done well to blog every day for a month. This is my last post in February, and I’ve learned a lot this month.

First, I’ve learned that I like blogging. It’s fun, and it gives me something to look forward to every day. I have to broaden some of my horizons by doing research for some posts, continue educating myself through reading books for others, and generally find new turns of expression and enhance my vocabulary through writing things down. Since I’ve always believed writing in any capacity can be used to help make you a better writer, blogging is one of those paths along the way that I’m trying to cultivate now.

Second, I’ve learned that blogging can be just as informational and intriguing as it can be self-centered and boring. I’ve perused a lot of blogs over the past month, and it’s amazing the difference between writers. There are writers who blog solely to talk about themselves and those who combine talking about themselves with talking about bigger issues and still others who blog solely about things happening in the world.

I think it’s interesting to note that age isn’t always a factor in how well the person writes, and topics are just as important in choosing blogs. I saw a 13-year-old blogger who writes beautiful prose and does a lot of graphic design elements that I wouldn’t dream of attempting. She’s got a lot of insight for her age and writes with style and grace. I only wish I’d written that well at her age.

And then there are the self-proclaimed authors who are of varying ages that write solely about themselves. While it’s nice to have an online forum for such things and while I do that too, it’s not going to draw in a huge audience, and it’s really not going to endear you to your readers if you continually rant and rave about things that disappoint you. Unless you can turn an ironic expression well enough, having a negative outlook online isn’t going to win you that many supporters. (Well, I’ll take it back: it might, but it won’t win me over.)

So I’ve learned that I need to pick my topics with care, remain true to what I set out to make this blog, and keep up with those whose blogs interest me, even if I can’t comment on all of them. I think that’s what keeps the blogosphere alive: commenting on others’ posts.

Now, moving right along, I’ll conclude this by saying that I started posting here as a means of learning self-discipline, but I stayed because I enjoyed it. I joined the National Blog Posting Month website and have successfully fulfilled the challenge, and now I’m considering hanging around and posting blogs for another month.

To that end I might develop some themes. I’ll have to thank Ed Wilson for making the suggestion and Stacy for her version of daily themes that have spawned my own ideas. What I’m looking at doing is having a day to discuss self-editing and let people know how that’s going, what my techniques are, and give a forum for discussion on self-editing.

I’m also thinking of having a day to discuss my favorites. I’ve got a whole host of authors and books I could break out and review or discuss, and while it’s a little biased, that’s kind of the point. Blogs are going to be mostly opinion anyway. I’ve got a few other ideas written up in a document, but I’m not sure about them yet, so I’m holding off on making any big declarations.

In any event, I’m really here to thank everyone who’s been cheering me on, even if you didn’t know my goal for the month. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs and commenting on them just as much as I’ve enjoyed getting comments on my own.

So in short: thanks for sharing the month with me; it’s been a blast, and I’m looking forward to the next one! Feel free to continue reading my posts or go in search of more interesting pastures. I’m sure either way you’ll find something edifying. 😀

Comments? Thoughts? Snide remarks? Leave them here for me, and I’ll be back tomorrow with more fun and entertaining posts.



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5 Responses to “Ending the Challenge – Reflections”

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I’m glad you plan to keep blogging frequently. I think the reviews sound interesting. It’s always cool to read what books and movies (products, etc) other people enjoy. I’m still waiting for the Scarlet Pimpernel to come to my library. 🙂

I think I tend to like the blogs that concerne themselves with something of interest to me (either general like editing advice or specific like a movie review) but mixed with just a little more personal info. It spices it up imo, sort of like adding salt to a stew. I would like to see some of your poems you keep mentioning, if you choose to post them. I also enjoy hearing updates about your novel research/progress.

I’ll keep checking your blog out as long as you keep writing it. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing NaBloPoMo with us!

Aww, Thank you for the shout out Rae! I knew one of these days something I said may come in handy. So, you’re joining the blogoshpere now, huh? Well, the more popular you become the more spam you’ll get. lol!

Sorry for not being logged in, heh!


Oh, I also wanted to add. That there will always be someone who writes better, is prettier, taller, skinnier, more intelligent, and more beautiful/handsome than we will ever be. I watched the film Capote a few weeks ago and there is a scene where he gives a reading to a packed audience. His words were so powerful that I thought to myself, “With books so magnificient, how could anyone ever write another word?”

I realize though I should focus on improving my skill and writing the best that *I* can.

Hope you’ll stick around for more than just another month. You’re started a great blog!

Aww, thank you Stacy. I’m glad my random ruminations are entertaining someone out there.

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