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It’s been a long day, and this is going to be another of those fabulous filler posts. Oh well. I’ll at least post a little about reading since I did some today.

I finished reading Kathy Tyers’s Fusion Fire today. Now I’m preparing to start Crown of Fire, the last in her Firebird Trilogy. So far it’s the only science fiction I’ve really enjoyed, but who knows? I may read some other authors and find myself falling in love with the genre.

That said, the Firebird Trilogy is interesting for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s one of the few Christian sci-fi series I’ve seen. No, it doesn’t go into Christianity, per se. But it does have a lot of parallels with Old Testament stories. For example, the big theme of the race that is featured so prominently in the story is a belief in a coming god who will absolve their darkness. Sound familiar?

A lot of Christian stories I’ve read are all about post-Christ items. For example, Francine Rivers, a pretty well-known Christian author, has a series called the Mark of the Lion. It tells the tale of Hadassah, a young Jewish girl who is one of the early Christians in the days when Jerusalem was sacked following Jesus’s death.

So it intrigued me that Tyers’s story is about the pre-Christ (or whatever the god-character’s name would be) era of this race’s religion. It’s rather fascinating in that it delves into some pretty deep concepts of evil and good and how others view it.

Another thing I like is the relationships. As I’m not that attracted to science in the first place, it helps me that there’s a pretty large focus on the relationships between the characters. Firebird Angelo, the main character of all three stories, has relationships that vary with a number of characters. The most intriguing relationships to me are those of Firebird and her sisters as well as Firebird and the man she eventually falls for, Brennen Caldwell.

Heir to a higher calling through his religious beliefs, Brennen is a totally different kind of person from Firebird. She was bred to believe in her world’s gods: the Nine Powers. They are characteristics that each Netaian citizen should embody. But as the third daughter of the queen, Firebird’s heritage will be one of noble suicide when it is determined that her eldest sister’s daughter is old enough to be confirmed.

Unlike Firebird, Brennen comes from an Ehretan background and believes in a just and loving Singer, the god of his people. It’s beyond him when he meets the suicidal pilot of a space craft he rescued from destruction to understand how Firebird could attempt to kill herself so callously. And, of course, his disbelief grows when he opens the cockpit to find her having swallowed the equivalent of a cyanide pill when her original attempt to explode her craft is thwarted.

And all this happens in the first novel: Firebird.

It’s pretty fascinating, and there’s a lot of good history and background that you discover as you read. My only problem, as has been the case for me, is in reading some of the more scientific bits. It bores me, and I end up starting to fall asleep. I never fall asleep in the middle of a book, so this tells me something: I’m not a fan of sci-fi.

Even so, I’m a fan of this series. We’ll see if I skip over the more technical bits in the third book or not. I’ll probably avoid anything related to sci-fi for a while after this, but at least I’ll be able to give Desteni her books back. She’ll appreciate that.

And, of course, I need to finish reading Card’s how to book by the end of the week in order to prepare for March. But that’s a relatively short book, and I’m more than halfway through at this point. So hopefully I’ll kill two books with one week, or something like that.

Sorry for such a boring filler post. I’ll do better tomorrow. It’s just been a rather long, emotional day. I hope you’re all doing well, though!



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4 Responses to “Draggy”

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I don’t mind your ‘filler’ posts. I kind of like ’em.

I wouldn’t say that the books are Christian themed or not, since a savior god or even a god dying and coming back is not unique to Christianity. Of course, its perfectly possible it could be aimed at a Christian audience, but I’m just saying it’s not necessarily the case.

Good luck with your reading!

Ah, well, the author says it herself in a couple of her author’s notes, which is why I mentioned that. Perhaps I could have made that a bit more explicit in the post. LOL.

And I’m glad you don’t mind my filler posts. 😀

Rae, there’s probably a TON of other people who have filler posts. I’ve even done it myself. I try very hard to have some good content, but it gets especially slow during the weekends (you know with me having a life and all.). lol!

What might be a good suggestion is to give each weekday a certain topic. That way you’ll always have something to talk about.

No worries,


Good point. I might have to do that. I may work on coming up with some categories at some point, but for now it’s been quite a bit of fun just rambling about different things. In March, I may have an editing day where I discuss some part of editing my novel. That would work well enough, I think.

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