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One of the best things about being a writer is inspiration. They say it can strike anywhere at anytime. And I believe it.

My current documents folder is chock full of various stories I’ve started. Yes, I’ll admit to writing fanfiction, and quite a few of the stories in there are fanfics. However, I’ve got two documents that are all for recording those story ideas I simply can’t let go. I may never get to them, but they’re being preserved on the off chance I do begin to write them.

For example, this morning I was struck by an idea concerning stolen identities. It’s cliched, it’s been used before, it’s perhaps a bit trite, but it stuck. I just finished jotting it into the document.

I’ve got about five ideas floating around in that particular document. All five ideas are very different and full of odds and ends that need to be tied down before I could commit to any of them. And they’re for various genres. The latest is obviously a mystery. Idea four is a romance, which is outside my realm of comfort but at least worthwhile. Idea three? Philosophical literary fiction is the only term I can use to describe it. Two is another romance, and one is fantasy. Though that fantasy isn’t high fantasy like the novel I finished writing.

And then I have my other document called ‘Masks’ for lack of a more creative title. It’s speculative historical fiction with a side of romance.

I like the idea of indulging in various literary pursuits, but I’m sure I’ll find I’m not as equipped to write some as I am others.

Oh, and did I mention I’m also writing scenes to another story? It’s not exactly a novel, but it is something I’ve debated writing for a while now. I decided to attempt writing a scene a day, which isn’t too bad as my scenes end up being in the neighborhood of 1,000 words. I’ve also been considering posting said scenes on my blog on Saturdays, but I’m not sure how much people want to read that.

Here’s the teaser from that particular story, though.

Title: Tales from Lucy

Maddie Jenkins is graduating college with her bachelor’s degree in a year’s time. Her friends are mostly finished with their own schooling, and she’s learning the hard way that friendships don’t always last. Conversations with family, friends, and herself abound as she goes from college senior to college alum, and she discovers where her dreams lie.

As she goes through her last year of schooling, eavesdrop on the comments from her friend Jason and Maddie’s own inner monologues from the comfort of Lucy. In fits and starts, Maddie and Lucy share experiences and journeys in a very literal way, and their relationship becomes more and more apparent the further Maddie gets from home.

I won’t say any more than that. It’s really a rather silly idea I had, but I’m somewhat enamored of it. Not my usual style either. But what fun is writing if you can’t experiment? I’ll hopefully be adding a scene each day, and eventually it will take the shape of a full blown plot, I hope.

Anyway, that’s my rambling for today. Rather boring, isn’t it? Any thoughts, comments, questions? Leave them, and I’ll answer. Any ideas brooding for new novels of your own? Let me know!



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2 Responses to “Fits and Starts”

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Sounds like the beginning of a manuscript! Huh? Don’t worry about fan-fics, there are some people who don’t know what it’s like to get past 5,000 words, much less create a story. Your excerpt reminds me of me my senior year of college. When we are at a point where we have to put a “cap” on rediscovering ourselves for the sake of growing up. No ideas are silly. I know that sounds fake and patronizing, it’s true. Writers have all sorts of influences. I mean hey a lot of people think a book about glittering vampires is pretty silly. But guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank?

I love cartoons and my next book has a lot to do with that world. So I have to go deep to an irreverent, non-sequitur, and slapstick place and find amusing ideas. Anyways, good luck with your scenes.


What’s wrong with fanfic? Sure, you can’t publish without permission, but so what? It’s writing!

I like that you write your ideas down for later use. I get ideas at odd times, and then when I sit down sometimes to write I tend to blank on them. So I have several ways of writing them down so I don’t forget them when I need them. On my phone, I have a recorder so I can say notes into the phone to write down later. I also have a notepad on the phone, same idea. And then I have my trusty small moleskine notebook for writing down ideas from the phone and other places. It’s come in handy many times. 🙂

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